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From my heart to your hands: Quilt Designs by Lori Smith
Quilt Squares - Small Quilts
Item: Quilt Squares #2
SKU: 2102
Quilt Squares #2
Price: $10.50

Quilt Squares #2
Item: 2102
Quilts finish 12”x 12”
Quilt Squares is a series of small quilts intended to decorate your home. Frame the quilts using 12”x 12” readymade frames, hang the quilts with quilt holders or display the quilts on tabletop stands, easels, doll beds and furniture. Their decorative potential is endless! It’s time to show off your talents with small quilts that are fun, fast and easy to make. Enjoy.
  • Quilts finish 12”x 12”
  • Pattern includes directions to make 6 small quilts
  • Rotary cutting and machine piecing directions
  • Hand appliqué directions
  • Full size appliqué pattern
  • Information provided to frame and display the quilts
  • Additional 2¼” color images of the small quilts
  • Accurate, easy-to-follow directions
Price: $10.50

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